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By enrolling in college admissions online course - Applications that Get You Admitted! This course is the only “College Application” comprehensive program of its kind which helps you create winning applications that will surely get you admitted!

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Join a high-curated community of high schoolers and parents who are also in the college process. Have your admissions questions answered, and receive support and guidance along the way.

One-on-One Counseling

Create a personalized college admissions strategy that helps you stand out from the rest. Craft winning application that surely gets you admitted to the college of your choice.

High School
One-on-One Counseling

Get personal counseling and direction on how to apply to the high school of your choice. Create a stellar application that surely gets you admitted!

Online Training Course

The only “College Application” comprehensive program of its kind that looks at the college application in its entirety while guiding you on how to create applications so that you are admitted to the college that is a best fit for you!

Essay Review and Editing

Need another eye to look over your essays? Receive guidance on how to create a narrative that depicts your personality and shows the colleges your genuine interest.

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Featuring Top 50 Nationally Ranked Universities to help you to understand the culture of the college(s), and what they are looking for in their ideal candidate. Use this information to strengthen your college application.

Hear from our students and their parents

Students and their parents call Ruchi “an Admissions Advisor who goes the extra mile to give me personal attention and ensure me the best possible (college or high school) admissions.”


New York

Ruchi helped my daughter edit her essays. She was very prompt in providing in-depth feedback, all of which was very targeted. Her feedback applied to the school she helped my daughter with specifically, which helped her break out of the generic supplemental essay model which we found my daughter sliding into. Ruchi also helped my daughter edit her main Common App essay. Her feedback on that was invaluable and got to the heart of the purpose of the Common App and what is most effective for a personal statement. Ruchi gave us individualized attention and was accessible throughout the process. My daughter was admitted to her top choice, Columbia University, so Ruchi’s assistance was valuable!

high school admissons

Jacob’s mom, Marybell 
New York

Last year, I didn’t know college consultants existed. 
A year later, I requested a consultation with Ruchi to ask basic questions, get an understanding and try to map it out myself. I immediately felt calm, connected and acquired lots of information. Shortly after leaving her office, I realized that I couldn’t do this process without her nor want to. As a single mom, I want to hold onto the special relationship I have with my son. I want these last two years to be as harmonious as possible. Having someone qualified, intelligent and thoughtful will help keep the peace.  Thank you. My son could not be in better hands.

high school admissons

Mahika & Mihikaa
New Jersey


Thank you IvyBound Consulting for guiding me to make a specific schedule for junior and senior year. It really helped in the planning process which will create a successful pathway for college, careers, and my future.
Thank you Mrs. Ruchi S. Kothari for sitting with my sister and I and giving us useful insight about the college process, SAT tips, etc. which we would not have been able to take advantage of. We also created a planned schedule filled with SAT dates, AP Exams, and more so it allows us to have ample time to prepare and do our best.


Meet Ruchi S. Kothari...

Students and their parents call Ruchi,
“An admissions advisor who goes the extra mile to give me personal attention and ensure me the best possible admissions outcome.”
Ruchi has guided her students through the admissions process and helped them get into their “best fit” institution, including top colleges and high schools.

“Ruchi’s mission in life is to empower each and every child to get admitted to the school of their choice.”

Education has been a passion of Ruchi’s and a thread that has tied her professions throughout her life. The quality and type of education, the comprehensiveness of curriculum, the best educators chosen, and the safety of our children have attracted her to this field. Ruchi has been elected to serve as a member of her town’s Board of Education and is an alumni interviewer for Northwestern University.
Being an educator, Ruchi brings immense college and high school admissions industry insight, and massive clarity and integrity into this process, she has helped many students through college and high school admissions through her one-on-one counseling. Additionally, Ruchi has guided numerous high schoolers through the college admissions process with her signature college admissions online course, Applications that Get You Admitted! And, she hopes to help countless more, from all walks of life and seamlessly across nations.

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