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High School Admissions

One-on-One Counseling

A transition from middle school into high school offers many exciting possibilities. Your choices include your public high school, technical high schools, independent private high schools, parochial high schools, and homeschooling.

We at IvyBound Consulting work with you to decipher the differences between these schools and which ones best complement your child’s personality, match your own ideals, and meet your goals and expectations.

Applying to various high schools is a daunting task with the requirements being different for each school. Essentially, you may be taking various standardized tests, filling out separate applications, and writing multiple essays.

To relieve your stress, IvyBound Consulting’s Admissions Advisors help create a well laid out plan so that the student does not miss any deadlines, fulfills all the necessary high school requirements, and puts their best applications forward.

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Ivybound’s High School Admissions Services

High School Applications Package

For Middle School Students

Positioning Strategy

After assessing the student’s academic and extracurricular interests, we will create your academic positioning which will then be your underlying statement on your high school applications. We may make recommendations to best type of high school to apply to, according to your academic information and extracurricular activities.

Testing Roadmap

High school tests are one of the most important factors when applying for high schools. These tests vary considerably depending on the type of high school. We will explain the different types of tests, ex. ISEE, SSAT, Co-op, and technical school tests. Create a well thought-out plan, for when to take them, well before the deadline. Key is not to burn out the student, but to have them perform at their optimum.

High School Culture Analysis

Each high school has a distinct vision, philosophy, and teaching environment. We work with the student to decipher the differences between schools and which ones best complement the student’s personality, matches your own ideals and meets your goals and expectations. Finalize a balanced list of high schools that are a good match for the student, including some reach, target, and likely schools.

High School Applications

The application is another important component part of the admissions process. It basically portrays a holistic picture of who the student is. Any mistake on the application can deeply hinder the student’s chances of getting in. The application may be rather extensive, asking for a list of activities, an essay, supplemental essay, questions on a favorite book, teacher, summer activity, etc. We will advise the student through this entire process, and break the application process down into smaller manageable pieces. The application of each school is tackled individually to portray the applicant is a perfect fit with the school’s culture.


The high school lists a few questions to choose from and expects the child to answer a prompt, helping them to assess the writing aptitude and thinking process of the child. Brainstorm unique and effective essay ideas. Create a distinct narrative that sets the student apart from other applicants. Follow up with editing and final tweaking.

Activity Sheet

This is an essential part of the application, depicting a picture of who the student is as a person, the areas of interest, and what areas might be pursued in high school. More importantly, the activity sheet also depicts the student’s leadership qualities and if they are going to stand out in high school. Create a powerful activity sheet which displays the academic and extracurricular successes the student has had, a list that will stand out amongst the competition.


Discuss ways to best optimize the summer before 8th grade. High schools ask what the student did and how it was spent constructively. Strategize ways to spend the following summer to be ahead of the rest.

Open Houses

This is an excellent opportunity for the student and family to understand the school, its mission, and listen to current students of the school. We direct you on how to put your best foot forward and to stay top of mind of the school’s admissions team.


Interviews are an important way for the school to figure out the personality of the student. Not only do they look at the child, the answers and body behavior, but also that of the parents. Parents may also interviewed. Prepare for the interview by studying a list of frequently asked questions. Learn inside tips to impress the interviewer.

Letter of Recommendations

Identify teacher, counselor, and/or a coach who can be the students best advocates. Enable them to write stellar letter of recommendations.

Parent Letter

A platform for the parent to write about his or her child– the strengthens, talents, and what the school should know about the child. This is a great opportunity for you to boast your child, and how your child would be a great fit for the school. We provide you guidance in crafting a parent letter that the school wants to admit the student.


The high schools require a transcript from the student’s middle school, showcasing current eighth grade grades, seventh, and may be also sixth grade grades. High schools want to accept students who get good grades, or show an upward progression of improvement. If there are weak academics that need to explained, we help create a strategy to tackle this issue.


Address ways to approach the high school when waitlisted. Help the family to express their utmost interest so the student is ultimately admitted.

Admissions Decisions

Evaluate college admissions options once the student is admitted, again correlating the personality of the child and the culture of the school, to ensure a perfect match.

Hear from our students and their parents

Ruchi’s students and their parents call Ruchi, “An admissions advisor who goes the extra mile to give me personal attention and ensure me the best possible admissions outcome.”


New York

Ruchi helped my daughter edit her essays. She was very prompt in providing in-depth feedback, all of which was very targeted. Her feedback applied to the school she helped my daughter with specifically, which helped her break out of the generic supplemental essay model which we found my daughter sliding into. Ruchi also helped my daughter edit her main Common App essay. Her feedback on that was invaluable and got to the heart of the purpose of the Common App and what is most effective for a personal statement. Ruchi gave us individualized attention and was accessible throughout the process. My daughter was admitted to her top choice, Columbia University, so Ruchi’s assistance was valuable!

high school admissons

Jacob’s mom, Marybell 
New York

Last year, I didn’t know college consultants existed. 
A year later, I requested a consultation with Ruchi to ask basic questions, get an understanding and try to map it out myself. I immediately felt calm, connected and acquired lots of information. Shortly after leaving her office, I realized that I couldn’t do this process without her nor want to. As a single mom, I want to hold onto the special relationship I have with my son. I want these last two years to be as harmonious as possible. Having someone qualified, intelligent and thoughtful will help keep the peace.  Thank you. My son could not be in better hands.

high school admissons

Mahika & Mihikaa
New Jersey

Thank you IvyBound Consulting for guiding me to make a specific schedule for junior and senior year. It really helped in the planning process which will create a successful pathway for college, careers, and my future.
Thank you Mrs. Ruchi S. Kothari for sitting with my sister and I and giving us useful insight about the college process, SAT tips, etc. which we would not have been able to take advantage of. We also created a planned schedule filled with SAT dates, AP Exams, and more so it allows us to have ample time to prepare and do our best.

"Ruchi’s mission in life is to help each and every child reach their education potential."

With our comprehensive admissions planning and preparation, each student's strengths are highlighted and promoted to create a stellar application that expresses the individuality of the student, helping the applicant to stand out. IvyBound Consulting's Admissions Advisors will help you through the entire process, so when the time comes for you to put your best application forward, you have a strategic competitive edge.

What’s Included in the Package

For Middle School Students

Student In-take form for IvyBound Consulting’s Admissions Advisors to better understand your admissions needs.
Includes a one-hour (1 hour out of your package) initial assessment of your activities, grades, and courses.
Create a Test IvyBound Roadmap, determining which tests to take for specific schools, and when to take them.
Recommendation report on ways to improve your high school admissions strategy.

Personalized one-on-one counseling, dependent on your needs.

Finding holes in your high school admissions strategy and strengthening them.

Various High Schools


Public High Schools

One of the student’s choices is their current public high school, which may be quite strong in its ratings, course offerings, and extracurriculars (sports, clubs, music). The student may choose to go this route and be the big fish there. To stand out, beat the competition, they will need to be strategically focused towards the college of their choice. IvyBound Consulting’s Admissions Advisors, with our College Pre-Application Planning Package, advise the student through this process. We assist in selecting the proper coursework, suggesting the right choice of extracurriculars and summer programs, and guiding them through the college application process. The package is customized according to the specific needs of the student.

Technical High Schools

Technical high schools like Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, Brooklyn Tech, Bergen Academies, Bergen Tech, Monmouth County, etc. are prestigious schools that choose the most elite of the students who select a “chosen track” during their high school years.  A determined track education is a system that has been widespread in Europe and Asia, and it is becoming more and more popular in the US. Even public high schools are offering Academies as an option. There is an application process, and a quantitative and essay test that needs to be cleared. IvyBound Consulting’s Admissions Advisors, with our High School Application Package, will help you through the process to simplify the madness with the Technical high schools application process.

Private Independent Schools

Independent high schools emulate the liberal arts education that the American system has been known for, with current offerings of stem, including computer science, robotics, and engineering. These schools, for example, Phillips Exeter Academy, Phillips Academy Andover, Trinity, Dalton, and Collegiate (to name a few), were once feeder schools into Ivy league colleges. Today, admission rates from these schools into Ivy leagues and highly selective colleges are still high. Hence, admission into Independent schools is a competitive process and only the best of the best are selected. Usually acceptance rates range from 7% to 10% of the application pool. When choosing a private Independent school, it is important to understand the culture of the school. What is the school looking for? Will the student fit in, and excel socially and academically? The process consists of ISEE/SSAT tests, the application process, open houses and interviews. IvyBound Consulting’s Admissions Advisors, with our High School Application Package, will help you to maximize your chances into admission into the Private Independent Schools of your choice(s).

Parochial Schools

Today, these schools are not your typical parochial or religion-based high schools. These schools offer stellar academics, under an umbrella of a religion. Parochial schools are excelling in Science and Math Competitions, have phenomenal sports teams, and students from here are graduating into Ivy leagues or and highly selective colleges. IvyBound Consulting’s Admissions Advisors, with our High School Application Package, will guide you on the parochial schools tests and their application process so that you are a sure admit.

Home School

Home schooling is a viable and has become an easier option these days as numerous resources are available. With the internet and technological tools like youtube, skype, facetime, etc, you may study anywhere and anytime. Online education is a multi-billion dollar industry that offers online high school courses. In fact, many top colleges like Stanford, Harvard, Brown (to name a few) are offering numerous online high school and college classes. However, homeschooling requires quite a bit of self motivation and time management to meet deadlines. Extracurricular activities also have to be sought out by the student. To stand out, beat the competition, the student will need to be strategically focused towards the college of your choice. IvyBound Consulting’s Admissions Advisors, with our College Pre-Application Planning Package, advise the student through this process. We assist in selecting the proper coursework, suggesting the right choice of extracurriculars and summer programs, and guiding them through the college application process. The package is customized according to the specific needs of the student.


Our students have been admitted to the best high schools around the nation, including Phillips Academy, Trinity, Riverdale, Horace Mann,  Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, Spence, Harvard Westlake, Lawrenceville, Bergen Academies, Bergen Tech, Brooklyn Tech, Staten Island Technical High School, Collegiate, Dwight, Brearley, Professional Performing Arts School, La Guardia High School, and more.

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