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Meet Ruchi S. Kothari

“Ruchi’s mission in life is to empower each and every child to get admitted to the school of their choice.”

Being an Educator,

I bring immense college admissions industry insight.

My mission in life is to help all students reach their educational potential by getting admitted to their school of choice. You can say this is my calling, and I can’t even tell you the delight I feel when I here about my students pursuing their interest, or excelling in their academic area, or better yet getting into the college of their dreams.

Education has been a passion of mine and a thread that has tied my professions throughout my life. The quality and type of education, the comprehensiveness of curriculum, the best educators chosen, and the safety of our children have attracted me to this field. I served on my town’s Board of Education for six years. Additionally, I am an alumni interviewer for undergraduate admissions for Northwestern University.

As I bring massive clarity and integrity into this process, I have helped many students through the college and high school admissions process with my one-on-one counseling services, signature college admissions online course–Applications that get you Admitted!, and Private Facebook Group membership. And, I hope to help countless more, from all walks of life, seamlessly across nations.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll get into Harvard, Princeton, or any other college for that matter. But, I can surely help you navigate through the college admissions process so that you may craft compelling applications that won’t be thrown out on the first go, and actually stand out among the thousands of applicants who apply to the same institutions.

In fact, no one, no college counselor can guarantee admission to any college. And, if someone is promising you that, then I would be very careful working with them.

If you allow me, it would be my honor to guide you through your admissions journey. Feel free to contact me anytime to chat about the admissions process.

Be CollegeBound with IvyBound,
Ruchi S. Kothari

[email protected]

IvyBound Consulting

I created IvyBound Consulting to alleviate the stress and anxiety families feel when applying to colleges or high schools. Competition and the sheer magnitude of the number of applicants has increased tremendously, and continues to do so. I understand the playing field– the methodical planning and extensive work that needs to go in to be accepted into top colleges or Ivies, or top high schools. I personally work with each student to navigate them through each step of the admissions process and help them attain admissions to the colleges or high schools that are the “best fit” for them.

At IvyBound Consulting, each and every student is important to us, and we make sure they maximize on the best education and tools out there. Our priority is to help you every step of the way until you receive admissions.

With IvyBound College Admissions Counseling, High School Admissions Counseling, Private Facebook Group Membership, or Applications that Get You Admitted! services, we offer you:

  • Affordable counseling fees
  • Personal direction, specific to each student
  • Assistance with every task required for the admissions process
  • All questions answered, whenever needed
  • Every student is our prerogative

We do not charge you astronomical prices. We are not just interested in signing you up with a package and then seldom answering your calls or your emails. Nor, do we offer you cookie-cutter ideas, which fail in getting you admitted.

With our comprehensive admissions planning and preparation, each student’s strengths are highlighted and promoted to create a stellar application that expresses the individuality of the student, helping the applicant to stand out. The entire process is well-thought out and planned so that you are not overwhelmed and inundated with too many important tasks to complete at the last minute. IvyBound admissions advisors will help you through the entire process, so when the time comes for you to put your best application forward, you have a strategic competitive edge.


Our students have been admitted to the best colleges and Universities around the world, including Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, University of Chicago, MIT,  Babson, Boston College, Northwestern, New York University, Barnard, University of Michigan, UC Berkeley, John Hopkins,  Northeastern, and more.

Success Rate

98% of our students get into their top choice colleges! IvyBound Consulting students have been admitted to:

“Our number one goal is for you to get admitted to your ‘best fit’ school!”

Be CollegeBound with IvyBound!

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