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The minute a student enters high school, the focus becomes this abstract sense of applying to college. Fear and anxiety sets in. Will I get in to the colleges of my choice? Do I have what it takes? What steps do I need to take to be admitted? Don’t worry, that’s where IvyBound’s college and high school admissions services come in.

Whether you are an incoming freshman or in the crux of things as a junior and senior in high school, applying to college is on everyone’s mind. With the IvyBound Roadmap, the daunting task of keeping track of all deadlines is alleviated so you can focus on more important factors essential to your success in college admissions. Use the tools provided by IvyBound Consulting to stay focused and never miss a deadline.

While the majority of the college application action items is done at the end of junior year and the beginning of senior year, strategic college planning should start in grade 9 or as early as 8th grade summer. When a manageable action plan or IvyBound Roadmap is created you will have a competitive edge over most applicants, relieving you of any fear or anxiety you might feel and avoid last minute blunders.

IvyBound RoadMap

As you input your information, a customized IvyBound Roadmap is generated. Think of us a your “GPS” system, navigating your journey to the colleges or Ivies of your choice. We’ll help you through any detours or potholes you might encounter. We’ll even re-route your map, when and if needed. For example, if you decide to change your academic niche or decide to take a SAT Subject test earlier, you just input the information, in your personalized IvyBound Roadmap and it gets re-calculated.

High School Advisor

Our IvyBound admissions advisors work with your data to create a viable and solid application. For example, if you choose a STEM major, we will gather all STEM related information, summer programs, extracurricular activities, and send it your way. (Your information is kept secure at all times.) IvyBound strategists will help you implement an actionable plan on your personal IvyBound Roadmap. It’s simple, easy, and pertinent.

Important factors that make up a college application:

When the admissions committee in colleges or Ivies read your application, they break your application into two components: hard factors and soft factors. Hard factors are those that show the student’s academic performance, and are preliminary assessment tools to measure if the application is kept in the running or outright rejected. Soft factors are components that add personality and are the subjective measures of the application. IvyBound advisors help you maintain and strengthen your hard factors, offering action plans to keep yourself academically sound. IvyBound advisors solidify soft factors to complement your hard factors, creating a cohesive and stellar application.

Hard Factors

Soft Factors

College application action items:

When applying to colleges or the Ivies, it is imperative to know what each college requires of you. The first step is to go the college website and understand their requirements of the applicant. Use our expertise by reading our weekly feature of the Top Nationally Ranked Universities IvyBound Blog to delve into the culture and philosphy of the college(s) of choice.  This will enable you to decipher what the colleges of your choices are really looking for and your probability of being admitted. Some of the college application action items are:
  • SAT or ACT Tests:  Standardized tests (SAT/ACT) are required by almost all colleges. We can help you set a timeline so that you have ample time to study, practice, and preferably take a few actual tests.
  • SAT Subject Tests (SAT II’s):  It is best to look at the college website to see the requirement of these tests. Most top colleges require 2-3 subject tests. This is a good way to show to colleges the student’s mastery of the subject matter. We can provide guidance on which tests to take, and set a timeline of when to take these tests.
  • AP Tests:  AP classes and their corresponding tests are another set of performance tools that colleges look at, even though these tests are not explicitly required by the college. Some high schools are doing away with AP classes, hence the AP Tests. We can help you to navigate through these tests, and whether or not to take them.
  • Applications:  Most applications are accepted and filed through the Common Application or Coalition Application websites. We consult you through each and every step so that frequent mistakes are avoided.
  • College Essays:  Probably the most important aspects of the college application. Essays are where the college can judge your thought process and your writing ability.  We help students draft a narrative that is personable and a sure stand out to the colleges.
  • Activity Sheet:  Extracurricular activities are uploaded here in the college application. We help to strategically create a list of activities that prove your in-depth commitment and your leadership qualities.
  • College Visits:  Although not required, college visits are thought of as another way to demonstrate interest of the college. We help you plan your visits so that you are not scampering at the last minute.
  • Letters of Recommendations:  Well written letters of recommendations can pad the student’s application and help them get accepted. We help students choose their best advocates.
  • Interviews:  An excellent opportunity to add personality to the application. We offer guidance through mock-interviews so that you perform well on the actual ones!

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