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We at IvyBound Consulting want our clients to stay informed throughout their college planning process and journey. Below, are tools we find useful to help you make educated decisions.



One of the most important sites to look at. College Board administers the standardized tests like the SAT, SAT Subject Tests (SAT II’s), and AP Exams. Get information on these tests, and register for these tests on this website.



Online application that is commonly used by most colleges. Use this website, to submit multiple applications at one time. When applying, choose to use one application system– Common application or Coalition application.



Online application that is used by many colleges. Use this website, to submit multiple applications at one time. When applying, choose to use one application system– Coalition application or Common application.



This website provides detailed college facts, based on majors, rankings, cost of each college. Try the Major Matcher, College Matcher and Cost Cutter, to compare colleges.



Access hundreds of articles about colleges. The bulletin boards allow people to chat about admission practices at all the top colleges.



Use our services to get the most personalized college counseling out there! Contact us and be IvyBound!



A great site for scholarship information. The website matches scholarships to your individual needs.



This website offers a free application for federal student aid. A great resource to find out ways to pay for college.



Has a simple college cost calculator to estimate cost of college. Offers a personalized projection of college costs. Also, suggests various 529 college savings plan so that you can plan ahead to pay for college.



Offers you a way to compare your SAT/ACT score and calculate your chances in admission to the colleges of your choice. The website also offers a GPA calculator.


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