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Episode 001

Episode 001:Your 2020 Goal Setting and Planning January 7, 2020 by Ruchi S. Kothari There’s something to say about the beginning of a new year

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Episode 002

Episode 002:Early Admit Rates for Class of 2024 January 21, 2020 by Ruchi S. Kothari In today’s episode, I’m going to give you the lay

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Meet Ruchi S. Kothari...

Students and their parents call Ruchi,

“An admissions advisor who goes the extra mile to give me personal attention and ensure me the best possible admissions outcome.”

Ruchi has guided her students through the admissions process and helped them get into their “best fit” institution, including top colleges and high schools.
“Ruchi’s mission in life is to empower each and every child to get admitted to the school of their choice.”

For this reason, Ruchi has created IvyBound Consulting for people just like you– highly motivated and driven students or a parent of one– looking to get into college or high school while creating a future you would love

Reach out to discuss which one of these products or services may best suit your needs:

        ✅  College One-on-One Counseling Services

        ✅  High School One-on-One Counseling Services

        ✅  Essay Review and Editing Services

        ✅  Online Course– Applications that Get You Admitted!

        ✅  Private Facebook Membership

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        ✅  FREE College Blog

Her goal is to help you or your child to have stress-free and productive school years, and successfully navigate through the admissions process. Be Collegebound with IvyBound!

Hey guys, welcome to the episodes Be Collegebound with IvyBound! I’m your host, Ruchi S. Kothari. I’m super excited that you’ve joined me.

Listen to my most recent podcast or watch my video to pick up admissions tips, tricks, and secrets that I provide to get admitted into the college of your dreams, and create a future that you would love. Do you want to get into your dream school? Of course, you do. 


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