Ready to get Admitted to the College of your Dreams?

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100% free 3-part video training series.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this...

Free 3-Part Training Series

  • KEY insight into the college admissions process TODAY.
  • Understand what admissions officers are really looking for in their ideal candidate.
  • Get clarification of the admissions review process- How an application may be read and reviewed.
  • Receive essential qualifiers on what you can do to stand out and eventually get admitted.
  • Recognize crucial components needed to craft a stellar college application, with actionable steps you can take now to complete the application as seamlessly and stress-free as possible.
  • OF COURSE, throughout the 3 series, you’ll gain Admissions tips, tricks, and secrets that I have acquired over the years working in the industry.

Meet Ruchi S. Kothari...

Students and their parents call Ruchi,
“An admissions advisor who goes the extra mile to give me personal attention and ensure me the best possible admissions outcome.”
Ruchi has guided her students through the admissions process and helped them get into their “best fit” institution, including top colleges and high schools.
Ruchi’s mission in life is to empower each and every child to get admitted to the school of their choice.
Education has been a passion of Ruchi’s and a thread that has tied her professions throughout her life. The quality and type of education, the comprehensiveness of curriculum, the best educators chosen, and the safety of our children have attracted her to this field. Ruchi has been elected to serve as a member of her town’s Board of Education and is an alumni interviewer for Northwestern University.
Being an educator, Ruchi brings immense college and high school admissions industry insight, and massive clarity and integrity into this process, she has helped many students through college and high school admissions through her one-on-one counseling. Additionally, Ruchi has guided numerous high schoolers through the college admissions process with her signature college admissions online course, Applications that Get You Admitted! And, she hopes to help countless more, from all walks of life and seamlessly across nations.

Ready to get admitted to the college of your dreams?

100% free 3-part video training series.