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Our community is of highly-curated high schoolers and their parents, who are helpful, motivated and super-supportive members, successfully trudging through their college admissions journey. When you join, you will be part of this special group.

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Guidance on Standardized Tests– Which ones to take (SAT, ACT, SAT Subject tests, AP exams, etc.), how to prepare for them, and when to take them.
Receive direction of best ways to spend your summer because your summers matter a lot.
Build your academic plan of choosing courses that suit your academic interest.
Reinforce your extracurriculars to highlight your strengths. A very important factor which often gets overlooked.
Understand current college trends today and how that might affect your admissions.
Get industry insight on what admissions officers are looking for in their ideal candidate.

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Numerous Admissions tips, tricks, and secrets to make you a stronger candidate and strengthen your college application so that you are surely admitted!

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Be CollegeBound with  IvyBound!

Direct Engagement with Ruchi

Have your burning college admissions questions answered by Ruchi S. Kothari.

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You may be chosen to be on the HOT SEAT where Ruchi will delve deeper into your college journey and offer expert advice on how to strengthen your admissions strategy.

Community Support

Stay abreast with current and pertinent college admissions news that may directly or indirectly affect your college admissions.

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Immediately unlock your vault to receive bonuses, worksheets and admissions training videos as we walk the college journey together.

Admissions Tips, Tricks & Secrets Revealed

Receive college admissions tips, tricks, and secrets along the way to help you stand out from the rest and get you admitted!

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Engage with Ruchi S. Kothari in her live Facebook Q&A’s about college admissions each month.

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