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"Be CollegeBound with IvyBound!"

Do you have burning college admissions questions? Are you Lost? Do you need help with your college applications but do not want to spend thousands of dollars on college counseling?

Let me throw you a lifesaver...

When you join “Be CollegeBound with Ivybound” community of highly-motivated high schoolers and their parents, you will receive continual college admissions guidance from Ruchi S. Kothari and expert perspective from industry gurus like college admissions officers, test prep leaders, or financial aid specialists. You will be supported by helpful, dedicated, and super-supportive members, trudging through their college admissions process like you. 

As a college counselor, I strive to relieve the anxiety, stress and overwhelm you may feel when applying to college by helping you to successfully and smoothly navigate your high school to college journey. This facebook group is an affordable platform for you to have your questions immediately answered, learn about insider admissions information, and strengthen each and every aspect of your college applications so that you put your best foot forward and ultimately get admitted to the colleges of your choice!

In this private facebook group,

Here's what you'll get

College List: Create a balanced college list with reach, target, and likely schools. Develop a sound strategy on which schools to apply early and which ones to wait till the regular round.

Standardized Tests: Finalize your testing strategy, whether to take the SAT/ACT a final time, how to report test scores, or choosing to be test-optional.

Interviews: Learn strategies to master your college interviews and gain a glowing recommendation by the interviewer. 

Essays: Understand what admissions officers look for in a personal statement, and craft a “story that uniquely portrays you.” Create stellar college supplements that “wow” the university.

Extracurricular/Honors: Learn to best highlight your extracurriculars and the achievements you have received to strengthen your applications.

Deferrals/Waitlists: Successfully handle deferrals and/or waitlists. Learn how to pivot your applications strategy to increase your college acceptances.
Applications: Complete the Common App while successfully answering tricky questions. Learn to repurpose your data onto other college online applications (Coalition App, UC, SUNY, etc.).
Industry Insight: Be aware of what admissions officers are looking for in their ideal candidate. Comprehend current college trends and how they affect your admissions.

Plus, you’ll receive:

Numerous admissions tips, tricks, and secrets to make you a stronger candidate and strengthen your college application so that you are surely admitted!

Guidance on Standardized Tests– Which ones to take (SAT, ACT, SAT Subject tests, AP exams, etc.), how to prepare for them, and when to take them.
Receive direction of best ways to spend your summer because your summers matter a lot.
Build your academic plan of choosing courses that suit your academic interest.
Reinforce your extracurriculars to highlight your strengths. A very important factor which often gets overlooked.
Understand current college trends today and how that might affect your admissions.
Get industry insight on what admissions officers are looking for in their ideal candidate.

Plus, you’ll receive:

Numerous Admissions tips, tricks, and secrets to make you a stronger candidate and strengthen your college application so that you are surely admitted!

Why Join?

Be CollegeBound with IvyBound!

Direct Engagement with Ruchi

Have your burning college admissions questions answered promptly by Ruchi S. Kothari. No question is too small or too big.

Hot Seat Opportunity

You may be chosen to be on the HOT SEAT where Ruchi will delve deeper into your college journey and offer expert advice on how to strengthen your admissions strategy.

Community Support

Get support, guidance, and inspiration from a motivating community of like-minded individuals. Receive multiple perspectives from college admissions officers, industry experts, and college students who recently went through this process.

Members-Only Vault

Immediately unlock your vault to receive bonuses, worksheets and admissions training videos as we walk the college journey together.

Admissions Tips, Tricks & Secrets Revealed

Receive college admissions tips, tricks, and secrets along the way to help you stand out from the rest and get you admitted!

"Office Hours" Facebook Lives with Ruchi

Each month through Facebook lives with Ruchi, delve deep into a component of college admissions so that you may master the topic at hand and create stellar college applications.

college admissions
college admissions

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Answers to your most pressing questions

Yes. The “Be CollegeBound with IVYBOUND” private Facebook group has been specifically created for seniors (and their parents) who are applying to colleges during the 2022-2023 admissions cycle. The topics covered in this group are essentially designed to help seniors complete each and every component of their college applications, so they can submit their “strongest applications” when deadlines approach.

That being said, next year we will welcome 9th to 11th graders to a separate “Be CollegeBound with IVYBOUND!” Facebook group specifically designed to help them through their high school to college journey. It will cover topics that strengthen their admissions strategy, so when the time comes to apply senior year, they are well ahead of the curve.

Well, for one thing you are getting one-on-one college advising for fraction of the price. So it is affordable for all! Moreover, Ruchi S. Kothari will answer all your college admissions questions, provide guidance and support throughout the process, give access to a platform to strengthen your extracurriculars or passion projects, and offer multiple perspectives from college admissions officers, industry experts, and college students who recently went through this process.

A plethora of topics will be covered that pertain to completing and submitting college applications. These topics include: college lists, standardized tests, personal statement, supplemental essays, Common App, activity section, completing other online portals, letters of recommendation, international admissions, deferrals, waitlists, financial aid, industry insight, and much more.

If you put in the time and effort into listening to my Facebook lives covering various college application topics and completing the lessons, IvyBound sheets, exercises, and bonuses I provide, you will get closer to the results you are seeking. 

During your time within “Be CollegeBound with IVYBOUND: Class of 2023,” I do offer additional services, like college list analysis, essay review and editing services, mock interviews, activity section assessment, and other goodies for a special price to this community to achieve better and faster results. You are in no way obligated to purchase these additional products and services and can still get admitted to the colleges of your choice through my guidance in this group.

I cannot guarantee that you’ll get into the Ivy Leagues or any other college for that matter. But I can surely help you navigate through the college admissions process so that you may craft compelling applications that won’t be thrown out at the first go and actually stand out among the thousands of applicants who apply to the same colleges.

In fact, no one, no college counselor can guarantee admissions to any college. And, if someone is promising that, my friend, then I would be very careful working with them. I promise to support you on your college admissions journey to the best of my ability and help you admitted to the colleges of your dreams.

When you leave this private Facebook community, and if you have done your work, I am positive you will be all that much closer to enrolling in one of the colleges on your list. Our students, in general, have been admitted to the top US colleges. To name a few, this includes the eight Ivy Leagues (Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell), Stanford, MIT, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Tulane, University of Miami, NYU, Northwestern, Barnard, William & Mary, Northeastern, and more. The acceptance list of my students will continue to grow with your admission into the colleges of your choice. Yeah!

You will have access to this highly-motivated and supportive community until this “Be CollegeBound with IvyBound: Class of 2023″ dissolves on May 31st, 2023, or if you terminate your membership before that. My goal is to help seniors through each part of the application process from finalizing their college list to submitting applications to ultimately enrolling in a college of their choice.

A “school-year” subscription enrolls you for nine months, from September 2022 to May 2023. For the price of eight months, you’ll pay a one-time fee of $400, receiving one month free or $50 off. A monthly subscription is for a minimal fee of $50/month, billed monthly. There is no special offers for monthly subscriptions.

No. You may not transfer your subscriptions, so choose wisely. Nevertheless, remember you are literally getting one-on-one college admissions counseling without spending thousands of dollars. Pretty great, right?

We hope you find value in this special community. We understand that making an investment to your educational future–even just $50–is a big decision. That’s why we’ve eliminated ALL RISK from this equation and do not require monthly members to commit to more than one month at a time! However, it is important to note that there are no refunds granted for “school-year” membership purchases due to the discount you will receive.

I would love that you share the value of this private Facebook group to your friends, family, and other high schoolers so that I may continue to help more students reach their education potential. Sharing the content of this community will not do justice and bring the same results to the student tagging along because I will not be able to work personally with the student and provide them the college admissions knowledge or constant support this student may need. So don’t do it. 

Moreover, copying or sharing any content of this private Facebook group, “Be CollegeBound with IvyBound: Class of 2022,” is copyright infringement and a violation of the law. So don’t commit a crime!

Please become a part of our social community and share the immense value and the results “Be CollegeBound with IvyBound: Class of 2023” brings to your friends, family, or contacts. Enable me to help more students reach their college(s) of choice. This would be super!

As an added incentive to my current students, if a friend or family member signs up for any IvyBound Consulting products or services, you will receive 10% off your future purchase of any IvyBound Consulting product or service (with a maximum redemption value of $200).

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Hey guys, welcome to the episodes Be Collegebound with IvyBound! I’m your host, Ruchi S. Kothari. I’m super excited that you’ve joined me.

Listen to my most recent podcast or watch my video to pick up admissions tips, tricks, and secrets that I provide to get admitted into the college of your dreams, and create a future that you would love. Do you want to get into your dream school? Of course, you do. 


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