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Crafting a distinct narrative which resonates your unique voice and personality is essential to set yourself apart from other applicants. Understand the different essay prompts and which ones clearly speaks your story to the admissions officer. Continue on to strategically answer supplemental questions and essays, specific to the college at hand.

IvyBound advisors will work with you through the entire writing process, from brainstorming to revising several drafts to creating final polished pieces that may be uploaded on the online application.

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Ivybound’s Essay Review and Editing Services

2-Hour Package

One-on-one direction every step of the essay writing, including:

Brainstorming to choosing a topic
Narrowing down your topics to correlate best to the given college essay prompts
Revisions of drafts
Submission of polished essays
Help to strategically answer college-specific supplemental questions and essays to showcase your genuine interest in the college(s) of your choice.

Additional hours after the 2-Hour package is $150 per hour.

We at Ivybound are big advocates of planning ahead! We have created steps, systems, and processes so that you are well prepared every phase of the college admissions process, whether it’s planning your academic classes, crafting your summer activities, creating a testing roadmap, or writing your personal essays and answering many supplemental questions and essays.

Hear from our students and their parents

Ruchi’s students and their parents call Ruchi, “An admissions advisor who goes the extra mile to give me personal attention and ensure me the best possible admissions outcome.”


New York

Ruchi helped my daughter edit her essays. She was very prompt in providing in-depth feedback, all of which was very targeted. Her feedback applied to the school she helped my daughter with specifically, which helped her break out of the generic supplemental essay model which we found my daughter sliding into. Ruchi also helped my daughter edit her main Common App essay. Her feedback on that was invaluable and got to the heart of the purpose of the Common App and what is most effective for a personal statement. Ruchi gave us individualized attention and was accessible throughout the process. My daughter was admitted to her top choice, Columbia University, so Ruchi’s assistance was valuable!

high school admissons

Jacob’s mom, Marybell 
New York

Last year, I didn’t know college consultants existed. 
A year later, I requested a consultation with Ruchi to ask basic questions, get an understanding and try to map it out myself. I immediately felt calm, connected and acquired lots of information. Shortly after leaving her office, I realized that I couldn’t do this process without her nor want to. As a single mom, I want to hold onto the special relationship I have with my son. I want these last two years to be as harmonious as possible. Having someone qualified, intelligent and thoughtful will help keep the peace.  Thank you. My son could not be in better hands.

high school admissons

Mahika & Mihikaa
New Jersey

Thank you IvyBound Consulting for guiding me to make a specific schedule for junior and senior year. It really helped in the planning process which will create a successful pathway for college, careers, and my future.
Thank you Mrs. Ruchi S. Kothari for sitting with my sister and I and giving us useful insight about the college process, SAT tips, etc. which we would not have been able to take advantage of. We also created a planned schedule filled with SAT dates, AP Exams, and more so it allows us to have ample time to prepare and do our best.


IvyBound admissions advisors will help craft an essay which portrays your unique high school experience that will resonate with the admissions officers.


Our students have been admitted to the best colleges and Universities around the world, including Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, University of Chicago, MIT, Boston College, Northwestern, New York University, Barnard, University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, UC San Deigo, Northeastern, and more.
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