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Mapping Out Your Application

Congratulations! Here’s your exclusive access to an invaluable tool that will enable you to strategically map out your college applications so that you can curate and highlight the unique aspects of your academic and personal accomplishments. 

Most applications, even of those students with straight As and a perfect SAT/ACT score, fall short in obtaining desired admissions results as they usually create the typical generic applications that are completed without the expert knowledge of what admissions officers are looking for or awareness on how to best optimize their application profile. 

The goal of the Mapping Out Your Application exercise is for you to understand the most essential components of college applications and how to optimize them to craft an application that stands out and reveals multiple dimensions of who you are. Deeper knowledge of the application questions and practice answering them will enable you to leverage each space to highlight your strengths and exhibit how you will serve to be the ideal candidate for your colleges of interest. This map also allows you to put all the scattered pieces together in an organized story and look at your profile on a macro-level, gaining valuable access to the admission officer’s perspective. Finally, this form acts as a comprehensive walkthrough of the Common App and different types of supplement essays, offering you expert guidance through admissions tips, tricks, and secrets on how to best answer each question. You will leave this experience incredibly prepared and equipped to effectively fill out your college applications!

Without further ado, follow the directions below to successfully map out your college applications. 

Please note Mapping Out Your Application most aligned with the arrangement of the Common App because it is the most commonly used portal in the college application process. While this map will help you effectively answer questions in the Common App and navigate this platform, this worksheet does not follow the exact order and structure of Common App. Mapping Out Your Application will still be incredibly useful to you if you choose to use the Coalition App or other application portals.


Go ahead and expand each question below and implement the admissions tips, tricks, and secrets provided to best complete this survey and generate your personalized college application map. You may also use this linked document with the Mapping Out Your Application directions and detailed question descriptions to have the explanations by your side. Take some time to brainstorm your answers to these questions, which will help you prepare as well as assist you in thoughtfully curating the profile you want to present to college admissions officers. You may come back to the Mapping Out Your Application exercise and create multiple versions of your college applications (depending on the package you purchased) if you have changed directions or academic and extracurricular updates. You will be charged for additional usage of this crucial tool if you go over your usages. Following the submission of your answers, two reports will be generated and emailed to you: 1) A PDF and a 2) Graphic representation or map of your responses. 

Go ahead and finish this form. Remember that each text box is restricted to 25 words (except the Applicant Positioning Statement is 50 words and Additional Information is 100 words), so feel free to use abbreviations, keywords, lists, or phrases instead of complete sentences in your responses. For the multi-select dropdown questions, make sure to press control or command while clicking on the choices you want to select. Good Luck! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected]. Be Collegebound with IvyBound!

2. Academic Information
3. Test Scores
6. Supplement Questions/Essays
7. Letters of Recommendation
8. Activities
9. Honors
10. Colleges & Universities
11. Future Plans

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