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Early Application Deadlines are Approaching, Make Informed Decisions

The early admissions deadline of November 1st is in a few days, as well as application deadlines for the UC colleges and other state colleges and universities.

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As you may know, the number of applications a college receives has exponentially increased and continues to do so each year while the available number of seats for the freshman class remains fixed. 

Hence, using the “early admissions” wildcard might be to your advantage, if used correctly. Read on to discover three reasons why you should apply early and three reasons why you might want to wait until the regular admissions deadline.

3 reasons why your child should consider applying early:

With the massive amounts of applications received by many colleges (especially the top 50 nationally-ranked ones), it is to your advantage to apply early when the applicant pool is smaller. 

For example, for the class of 2023, Harvard received 6,958 early applications, and over six times as much during the regular round, with 43,330 applications. Of the 1,950 students admitted, 935 were early applicants versus 1,015 were regular-decision applicants. That means 48% of the class was admitted during the early round. That’s huge!

Thus, it behooves you to apply early, not necessarily to Harvard, but the colleges that match your academic parameters and personal goals. Your chances of admittance are usually much higher during the early round than the regular round. If you would like to discuss your “best fit” colleges and when to apply, schedule a FREE 30-minute conversation with me.

Besides, wouldn’t you want to be done with the application process? Imagine the relief and satisfaction that you are done! While many students spend their entire winter break completing regular round applications, you can relax, take a vacation with your family, or do whatever your heart desires.

3 reasons why you should not consider applying early:

 Applying early might not be the best option for you and that’s okay. A lot of consideration goes into applying early; for one thing, many colleges who have early decision plans may require you to commit to their college once accepted. Hence, you are bound to that college and have to accept whatever financial aid package you receive. 

If you want to compare different financial aid packages and leverage your acceptance to a certain college over another, applying regular decision is your best bet. Not only do you have the freedom to apply to multiple colleges, but to examine all your monetary awards.

More importantly, if you are an improving student, meaning you would like to raise your GPA or improve your standardized test scores one last time, then it is best for you to concentrate on these academic factors and apply during the regular round. Your GPA and test scores are the most important factors considered when evaluating your application, keeping you or taking you out of the running. So, boost them as much as you can.

If you are unsure of whether or not to apply early or want some professional advice on the college application process. Feel free to schedule a FREE 30-minute call with me. Until then, good luck! 🍀

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