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Early Application Deadlines are Approaching, Make Informed Decisions

The early admissions deadlines are closely approaching, November 1st (or November 15th) for many colleges, as well as application deadlines for the UC colleges and other state colleges and universities. 

🌟This email will help you understand the various early application plans to make informed decisions, enabling you to choose a strategy that best meets your admissions goals.🌟

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As you may be aware, the number of applications a college receives has exponentially increased and continues to do so each year while the available number of seats for the freshman class remains fixed. For instance, NYU received a record-shattering 84,481 applications for first-year admission this fall, the 12th year in a row of record-setting application numbers. 

Applying early, whether its early decision or early action, lets the college know that it is on the top of your college list. While the college requires some sort of commitment from the student, the applicant pool is smaller which increases your chances of getting admission. Thus, selecting when to apply to the college of your choice may be your winning strategy. 🏆

Understanding the various types of deadlines and when to apply optimizes your chances of getting in. Below is an easy-to-follow chart that breaks down early decision, single-choice early action, and early action plans and how each one of them benefits the applicant.

Early DecisionSingle Choise Early ActionEarly Action
Benefit to StudentCan ensure spot in chosen school before others have applied.Can ensure spot in chosen school while students awaits word about their application.Can ensure spot in more than one institution before others have applied.
Applying Early To Other SchoolsNot AllowedNot AllowedAllowed
Applying Regular Acceptance To Others SchoolsAllowedAllowedAllowed
Acceptance TypeBindingNot BindingNot Binding

When applying Early Decision (ED), your chances of admissions are more favorable than other plans, but you are bound to attend the college if admitted. You and your family must be 100% sure you want to attend the college of choice. If admitted, you must immediately withdraw any applications. Examples of ED colleges are Columbia and Boston University. Some colleges like University of Chicago and Northeastern offer ED1 and ED2 options.

When applying Single Choice Early Action (SCEA), also known as restrictive early action, you are choosing a non-binding plan where you apply to the college of your first choice, and have the option of responding till May 1st. The applicant pool is smaller and increases the chances of admissions. You may apply to other schools during rolling action or regular decision, but can’t apply to any other schools- early action or early decision. Some SCEA colleges include Harvard and Stanford.

When applying Early Action (EA), you can take advantage of the appying to multiple colleges during the regular round and are not bound to a college if admitted.

The applicant pool is smaller than regular round, but larger than ED and SCEA options, and may improve the chances of admissions. Georgetown and Tulane are examples of colleges that offer the EA plan.

Creating an application strategy with various ways you can apply may be mind-boggling. 📱 Feel free to set up a free 30-minute conversation to discuss how I may help you or your child create an application plan of where and when to apply!

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