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🚌🏫 Backpacks are packed, lunches prepped, students have loaded onto buses and taken their seats. It’s that time of year; back to school! Hope your transition into the school year went smoothly…

A new school year brings excitement, new possibilities and opportunity to reconnect with friends.

But for many children (especially high schoolers), returning to school means the return of stress and anxiety… 

The fear of not performing well in your courses. The dread of preparing for standardized tests (like the SAT/ACT). The stress of creating and completing college applications that get you admitted to the college of your dreams.– This fear, stress and overwhelm is normal and real!

Hello. My name is Ruchi S. Kothari and I am a college and high school admissions advisor, serve on my town’s Board of Education, and an alumni interviewer for Northwestern University. 

🏆Education is my passion and my goal is to help each and every student of my mine to get admitted to the college or high school of their choice!

For this reason, I created IvyBound Consulting for people just like you– highly motivated and driven students or a parent of one– looking to get into college or high school while creating a future you would love. Reach out to discuss which one of these products or services may best suit your needs:

🎁 My goal is to help you or your child to have a stress-free and productive year. So, I’ve included an invaluable FREE gift for you. Confirm your subscription and download your FREE College Readiness IvyBound Sheet to get yourself or your child college ready and stay ahead of the game!

Be Collegebound with IvyBound!

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Hey guys, welcome to the episodes Be Collegebound with IvyBound! I’m your host, Ruchi S. Kothari. I’m super excited that you’ve joined me.

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